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Frequently Asked Questions 


Why would we use you?


We offer a competitively priced, high quality service which meets the increasing pressure for profitable offshore and wind energy production. This is part of our well-established global crewing business which supplies seafarers of all ranks and grades across vessel types.


What experience do you have in the wind farm/offshore sector?


We supply crew to companies working for both UK and continental operators.


 What types of crew can you supply?


All ranks and grades; Masters, Engineers, Deckhands etc, we can also provide Turbine Technicians. All our seafarers have deep sea experience providing you with additional skills.


How quickly can you supply crew?


We thrive on short lead times. From receiving your phone call to getting crew on their way to you can be as little as 24 hours.


Do your crew require visas within Europe?


No, our crew can travel freely as EU citizens.


Do you have fixed contract periods?


No, we offer flexible contracts to suit your needs and there is no minimum contract period.


Are you fully insured?


All our companies carry professional indemnity insurance and we require our clients to include us as “co-assured” on their P&I or similar cover.


What accreditations do you hold?


 MLC2006 compliant.


Who is the Employer?


All our crew are employed through Capital Crewing (NZ) Limited


What form of crew management contract do you use?


A BIMCO Crewman A standard form but other forms can be used. The Crewman A is between your company and our Singapore company.


What about budgets and funding?


A monthly budget will be agreed with you forming part of the Crewman A. You then put us in funds at the beginning of the month for the budgeted monthly costs. Shortly after the month end we issue invoices based on actual expenditure and draw down funds accordingly. Any over– or under-funding can be settled at month end or rolled over to the following month.


Who pays travel, accommodation and flag state certification?


We ask our clients to pay for the above but we are happy to arrange at cost.


Can you provide marine and/or turbine related training?


We can provide all marine and some turbine related training such as safe access/climbing and survival training at our affiliated training centre, The Gdynia Maritime School Ltd.


Do you arrange payment of Seafarers’ salaries?


Yes we do and we also resolve any issues that may occur.


How can we find out what this will cost?


Just call. Our daily rates of pay include our margin, there are no hidden costs. Rates are always tailored to our clients’ requirements.

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