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Offshore, Wind Farm Support Vessel
Crews & Technicians



Do you lack seastaff? Do those available lack the levels of experience and training that you demand?


Can you find crew at short notice when that lucrative spot charter is fixed?


Do you need DP or other specialist training for your seastaff?


 We provide;-


• 26 years of experience in supplying crew worldwide

  • All ranks and grades; Masters, Engineers, ABs
  • Turbine technicians
  • Recruitment office in Gdynia, Poland

• Poland’s geographical location and membership of the EU means

  • Short lead times
  • No visa requirements

• High standards of maritime education

  • Strong relationship with the Gdynia Maritime School
  • Good English language skills
  • Specialist training to suit your specific requirements

• Contract period

  • Flexible contract periods
  • Inclusive daily rates of pay

• Fully integrated travel management service

  • Travel organised

• Full employment services

  • Crew employed offshore subsidiary outside EU




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