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"Whitaker's is an internationally renowned fuel transportation company, operating a fleet of inland barges and sea going tankers in UK and European waters, carrying fuel products for most oil majors. Our association with JSH goes back more than a decade; their unfailing ability to supply and manage the employment of the seafarers that we need makes an essential contribution to the safety, efficiency and integrity that are at the heart of all we do."


Mark Whitaker, Managing Director, John H Whitaker (Tankers) Limited


If you are seeking management and operational crew at all levels, including hotel staff, for ro-ro and ro-pax vessels, bulk carriers, container ships, tankers and fishing vessels, we can help you.


Taking our brief from you, once certain that we can meet it, we will define contractual details and establish with you who the employer of sourced seafarers should be. If you wish to remain the employer, JSHManCo acts purely as your agent, sourcing your seafarer candidates.



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